Supreme SMW Composite Waterproofing Method

The Supreme SMW composite waterproofing method integrates fiberglass non-woven fabric into a rubber asphalt sheet that boasts outstanding cold resistance and elastic recovery. This method combines the sheet with a specially coated material that exhibits exceptional adhesiveness, produced in a factory setting, to create a unified product. At the site, a reinforcing coating waterproofing material is applied to the seams of the sheet. This approach allows anyone to perform rapid and uniform quality construction, making it an innovative waterproofing method.

Secured cold 

resistance -20℃

Securing behavior traceability

Ensure excellent adhesion

Securing construction quality and economic feasibility

Secured cold resistance -20℃

Ensure excellent adhesion

Securing behavior traceability

Securing construction quality and economic feasibility

Materials used in Supreme SMW composite waterproofing method

Materials used
Primary Waterproofing Layer

Asphalt impregnated nonwoven fabric or polyester non-woven fabric

improved physical performance, Integration with film waterproofing material, Waterproof layer protection possible

Secondary waterproof layer

high viscosity adhesive

Satisfactory low-temperature bending performance even below -20℃ and excellent physical performance such as elongation
Third waterproof layer

low viscosity adhesive

Excellent adhesion and elastic recovery at low temperature (5℃), excellent followability to background behavior

※SIZE 3.0mm X 1.0M X 10M

※ Specifications other than the above can be changed and produced at the request of the consumer.

Supreme SMW composite 

waterproofing method

  Construction  sequence



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Supreme SMW composite waterproofing method

              Construction sequence